About CEMA


CEMA, Chinese Excellent Management Association, realigned from National Quality Award Winner' s Club, is a Cross-Industry platform for team working, outstanding, quality and visionary entrepreneurs or corporation. Our members are all coming from industries, academia and government, therefore wealth of information and fellowship activities are here for you who are determined to pursue Excellent Management in your field.


Benchmark corporations are gathered in CEMA where their outstanding performances are recognized as flying high pyramid.


In assisting Taiwan enterprises to further raise the bar of business management standards, to pursue higher quality - more competitive business practices, and to achieve better recognition and image in global markets, the Executive Yuan of Taiwan, R.O.C. set up the National Quality Award of the R.O.C. in 1990 to celebrate adoption of the highest quality and most effective management paradigms. This award serves to encourage firms in benchmarking their progress, to learn from industry leaders, and to promote constant and comprehensive quality upgrades across all industries, thus ensuring excellent quality and sustained enhancements in management performance.


From its inception in 1997, the National Quality Award Winners Club grew and developed vigorously over a period of 13 years, with members and firms increasingly interacting on a close basis. However, in response to changes in markets and politics, the Chinese Excellent Management Association was established in 2010 and membership was opened. In addition to continuing to offer the national quality award, also known as the Soaring Pyramid Prize, to stimulate excellence in management, the Association created a cross industry platform to connect across a wide variety of productive factors. This cross industry sharing of elements, will hopefully enhance members competitive power and will promote the prosperity of society,

Regular events are arrange to hold mainstream development in first-hand


In CEMA, luncheons and banquets are scheduled on regular basis to provide members occasions to share, exchange, learn and develop their business model and management knowledge, in the meanwhile, to enhance their organization' s operation, promote the economic prosperity and cultural standard. Symposiums on mainstream industry and market trends and development, institutional or corporation visits, plus overseas observation tours, will be arranged as well, to stimulate and inspire our members to achieve their business goals.


Step into the future, build up organization' s competitive edge.


Looking into the future, the Chinese Excellent Management Association will carry on the passion and enthusiasm for quality improvement. By means of various benchmark learning process, the core value of member corporations is reinforced. Through the cross-industry visit arrangement, the communications between different business sections will result in an up-grade among corporations and industries as well. With mutual efforts, a think tank for our industries will eventually be established in the very near future.


Organization of Chinese Excellent Management Association


Chinese Excellent Management Association by the National Quality Award previous business, personal and administrative organs and Taiwan Mittelstand Award business and other winners, whose predecessor, " National Quality Award Winners Club “, 50 companies and 180 members joined, the members of almost all walks of life and leading representatives of the elite, and among them are listed, OTC-listed leader in promoting Taiwan's economic development has a significant influence.


Chinese Excellent Management Association of the four letters CEMA, while a different interpretation of the meaning, the C(Collaborative) refers to the team, stressed that the association is a combination of elite power; E (excellence) implicit in pursuit of the ultimate goal; M(Magnificent) for the high-quality to be a sense of quality and qualia of both; A (Anticipatory) is forward, on behalf of others can be observed not aware of the place, for which four to create greater synergy. CEMA, is a Cross-Industry platfrom, originated from National Quality Award Winners Club. Our belief is to run after enterprises to become “Collaborative”, “Excellent”, “Magnificent” and “Anticipatory” to achieve better management.